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The shallows –
a crane’s thighs splashed
in cool waves.
Every building, every structure, should come with a dash of poetry.
Otherwise, it’s just bricks and mortar.
And it should definitely be so much more.
It should reflect a vision.
It should contain a philosophy.
It should introduce the new, the exciting, the unexpected.
Whether it’s about its form, attitude, or materials.
In an ever-expanding world, a second-generation construction company should always reach out for what’s next, while maintaining a solid foundation of ethos and consistency. Just like a crane.
This is OMC Engineering.

Our Goal


What defines the future of a firm like OMC? Expansion for the sake of expansion is clearly an end in itself. If we could describe our vision for tomorrow in one sentence, it would be the following: To make each subsequent construction better than the previous one. With as much simplicity, clarity, and self-awareness as possible…

Our History


How much has a city changed over the last 40 years? More than we can comprehend.

How much has OMC changed during these 40 years?More than we could have imagined. Many different stories, created with a passion for perfection and soundness, with many chapters that house, host, and protect thousands of protagonists…


OMC Engineering was founded in 1978 by Orestis Bakalbassis, a civil engineer of AUTh. The office’s foundation coincided with the great earthquake of Thessaloniki. As a result, Mr. Bakalbassis became directly and strongly involved in all aspects of civil engineering. Thus, for years he was involved in post-earthquake operations and repair studies in affected buildings across the country. The vast experience he gained during this period, helped him in the elaboration of static studies of new constructions – from houses and villas to industrial buildings and residential complexes.


The decade 2002-2012 is marked by significant changes. OMC Engineering is relocating to a new professional space (its current location), acquires associate engineers for the first time, while 2 more members of the family are becoming part of the company: Myrto Bakalbassi, architect-engineer of AUTh, who established and organized the office’s Architectural Department, as well as Christina Bakalbassi, a civil engineer of AUTh.


Today, with 12 associate engineers-architects and civil engineers, and significant experience and know-how in terms of demanding static and architectural studies, OMC Engineering implements with thoroughness and consistency its plans for the future!

Orestis Bakalbassis
​​Civil Engineer
Mary Koutsiouri
​​Architect Engineer
Elena Stavrakidou
​​Architect Engineer
​​Nefeli Charchari
​​Architect Engineer
​​Zoi Galara
​​Civil Engineer
​​Alexandros Kiriakidis
​​Civil Engineer
​​Rena Firtinidou
​​Architect Engineer
​​​​Christina Bakalbassi
​​Civil Engineer
​​Katya Gosheva
​​Civil EngineerEngineer
​​​​Mirto Bakalbassi
​​Architect Engineer
Thomas Notopoulos
​​Civil Engineer
Ioulia Lazaridou
​​Civil Engineer
​​Effie Bilbili
​​Civil Engineer
​​Elisabeth Chamou
​​Architect Engineer

The founder


“Being a mechanic first means to be an individual”

Orestis Bakalbassis



Christina Bakalbassi

Civil Engineer, AUTh

Head of the static department

Mirto Bakalbassi

Architect Engineer, AUTh

Head of the architectual and urban planning department

Peston 17
546 38

[email protected]

Tel: 2310 989 859

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