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Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world

Elon Musk


Every building, every structure,
should come with a dash of poetry.
However, it takes so much more than rhymes and verses to complete any construction. Proper planning, precise implementation, perfect timing, ideal coordination, are some of the key elements that can turn a blueprint into an inspired work. A trustworthy work, and a sonnet for the senses…


When it comes to construction, there are a plethora of essential services that need to be taken into consideration. However, it’s the experience that can turn this wide spectrum into that accurate and precise ray which will point us towards our goal: success. We may not think or our firm as a physics lab, but we believe we have given you a clear idea of what our staff and range of services can do for you…


With a process that begins with the architectural design, we record, capture, and combine all those practices and solutions that will make any construction perfect in terms of implementation, aesthetically consistent, and functional in every aspect. Such a process should always take into account the building’s role and place within the environment, a crucial and decisive factor regardless of its scale.

Residential buildings
Industrial buildings
Special buildings
Listed buildings

Consulting – Licensing

With almost half a century of consistent professional activity, we have the necessary experience to guide the course of each construction in the right direction. When it comes to project consulting, its applications are practically unlimited – from designing a building’s basic structure to outpoint the importance of parameters that may seem insignificant at first.

Listed Buildings

Each house has its narrative. Preserving the historical memory passes through the buildings of a city and requires special consideration. We are captivated to be part of this preservation.

Residential Buildings

Creating a residence is not just about the aesthetics, but also the security it produces. Building a house to comprehend modern society's needs is a very challenging work.

Steel Structures

Creation of large-scale steel structures for companies and enterprises.



In an ever-expanding world, a second-generation construction company should always reach out for what’s next, while maintaining a solid foundation of ethos and consistency.

This is OMC Engineering.


OMC Engineering was founded in 1978 by Orestis Bakalbassis, a civil engineer of AUTh. The office’s foundation coincided with the great earthquake of Thessaloniki. As a result, Mr. Bakalbassis became directly and strongly involved in all aspects of civil engineering. Thus, for years he was involved in post-earthquake operations and repair studies in affected buildings across the country. The vast experience he gained during this period, helped him in the elaboration of static studies of new constructions – from houses and villas to industrial buildings and residential complexes.


The decade 2002-2012 is marked by significant changes. OMC Engineering is relocating to a new professional space (its current location), acquires associate engineers for the first time, while 2 more members of the family are becoming part of the company: Myrto Bakalbassi, architect-engineer of AUTh, who established and organized the office’s Architectural Department, as well as Christina Bakalbassi, a civil engineer of AUTh.


Today, with 12 associate engineers-architects and civil engineers, and significant experience and know-how in terms of demanding static and architectural studies, OMC Engineering implements with thoroughness and consistency its plans for the future!


What They Say For Us

Scientists dream about doing great things,
engineers do them.

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