Construction of an industrial building -a refrigerator manufacturing unit for Crystal SA. The company’s previous facilities -all designed by our firm from 1983 to 2003, when the last previous construction took place- were completely destroyed by a fire in January 2017. Only a small fragment of reinforced concrete remained, while all the rest was built from scratch (metal construction). The building’s total area is 11,000 sq.m. Our firm provided both its structural and architectural design.


  • Employer: Crystal SA
  • Work: Αρχική και μελέτη εφαρμογής - Επίβλεψη
  • Duration: 01-04/2017
  • Status: Ολοκληρωμένο
  • ​​Structural Design: Αρχική (1989-2002): Ορέστης Μπακάλμπασης Τελική (2017): Χριστίνα Μπακάλμπαση
  • ​​Architectual Design: Μυρτώ Μπακάλμπαση

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